Kai Liu is an emerging Chinese-Canadian painter and printmaker gaining recognition for his captivating semi-abstract renditions of urban landscapes and everyday scenes.
Background and Education
Born and raised in China, Liu's artistic journey began with a foundation in academic drawing, painting, and traditional Chinese artistry. This formative period honed his technical skills and deepened his appreciation for the profound interplay between art and culture.
After working as a graphic designer in Ontario, Liu moved to Vancouver, BC, where he received professional training in printmaking at Langara College. Liu holds a BFA from Emily Carr University and is currently pursuing his MFA.
Artistic Vision
Liu's creative process is a fusion of keen observation and expressive abstraction. His work acts as a visual diary, a testament to his innate ability to capture the essence of the world surrounding him. Through his art, he masterfully distills the intricate layers of the natural and built environments into semi-abstract compositions that transcend the ordinary.
Each brushstroke and every impression left by his printmaking techniques serve as an invitation—a beckoning to viewers to forge a personal connection with the familiar. Liu's art is a bridge between the observer and the observed, a conduit through which the spirit of his subjects can be felt and understood.
Medium and Style
Liu's chosen mediums of expression are painting, printmaking, and mixed media, each offering unique possibilities for his creative exploration. His brushwork, whether on canvas or panel, exudes a vitality that draws viewers into the heart of his compositions. On the other hand, his prints are a testament to his technical prowess and an homage to the enduring legacy of printmaking as a medium of artistic expression.
Exhibitions and Achievements
Liu's art has been exhibited across Canada, and he's been chosen as the featured artist for the Art Rental & Sales program at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2023.